Spring 2020 semester:

Spring 2020 meetings are scheduled in 3169 (3th Floor Side Conference room) Beckman Institute, at 1 pm Mondays. Please note we are not meeting every week–check this calendar and/or Slack for scheduled meeting times (Join the Slack at


Fall 2019 semester:

Main events:

Fall 2019 meetings are scheduled for 4169 (4th Floor Side Conference room) Beckman Institute at 12 pm Wednesdays. Please not we will not be meeting every week–check this calendar and/or Slack to for scheduled meeting times!


Spring 2019 semester:

Spring 2019 meetings are scheduled in 4369 (4th Floor Side Conference room) Beckman Institute, at 1 pm Mondays. Please not we are moving to once monthly meetings, listed below. Also, make sure you are on our Slack page for up-to-date announcements.

Main events:

  • Jan 28–First meeting of the semester!
  • Feb. 8Inclusive Lab Leaders Session 1: Leading an inclusive, productive lab. 5602 Beckman, 9:30-11:30am.  Registration.
  • Feb 25–21 Sci Meeting, 4369 Beckman, 1 pm.
  • March 15Inclusive Lab Leaders Session 2: Transforming conflict into collaboration. 1005 Beckman, 9:30-11:30am.   Registration.
  • Mar 25–21 Sci Meeting, 4369 Beckman, 1 pm.
  • Apr 8–Science Communication Certificate Applications due!
  • April 12– Inclusive Lab Leaders Session 3: Recognizing and navigating power dynamics in research. 1005 Beckman, 9:30-11:30am.  Registration link.
  • Apr 29, 21 Sci Meeting, 4369 Beckman 1 pm.
  • May 10– Inclusive Lab Leaders Session 4: Creating sustainable systems to support our work. 1005 Beckman, 9:30-11:30am.  Registration TBA.
  • May 14-15: Amplify the Signal workshop.


Fall 2018 semester:

Meetings in 4269 (4th floor Tower room) Beckman Institute 1 pm Wednesdays (Please make sure you are on our Slack page for up-to-date announcements, as we may not meet every week).

Main Events:


Spring 2018 semester:

Main events:


Fall 2017 semester:

Main events:

  • Sept 11– First meeting of the semester in 4369 Beckman Institute.
  • Sept. 15 – “The Future is for Everyone” by Rose Eveleth, Beckman Auditorium, 3 pm. This talk will explore where science and technology come from, where they have taken us so far, and how to open the door for people who are imagining futures for everybody.
  • Sept 25–Certificate in Science Communication Orientation: led by Dr. Michelle Rodrigues (noon in 4369 Beckman).
  • Oct 19- 7-9 PM at Blackbird in Urbana (119 W. Main St). Story Collider main event! Get swept up in a hurricane and laugh at some monkey business–join us for five true, deeply personal stories about the human side of science. RSVP (free) here!
  • Oct 20– 3-5 PM Beckman Auditorium. “Beyond the Buzz: The Power of Personal Stories About Science.” Public talk by Liz Neeley (3-4) with reception to follow in the Atrium (4-5pm).
  • Oct 30-Journal Club, presenter TBD.
  • Nov 13-Journal Club, presenter TBD.



Spring 2017 semester:

Main events:

  • Feb. 6 – Journal Club: Katie Lee presents on Eveland and Cooper. 2013. “An integrated model of communication influence on beliefs.”
  • Feb 24 – Panel: Does Science Need Intersectionality? Panelists include: Dr. Kelly Cross, Dr. Deanna Hence, Dr. Elisabeth Stone, and Dr. Cari Vanderpool
  • March 13 – Journal Club: Dr. Michelle Rodrigues presents on Kahan et al. 2016 “Science curiosity and political information processing.”
  • March 27 – Certificate in Science Communication Orientation: led by Jessica Hekman
  • April 7 – The 21st Century Scientist Workshop: The Future of Science Communication in a Post-Factual World
  • April 10 – Journal Club; details TBD



Spring 2016 semester:


  • March 4- Journal club (Summer Sanford)
  • March 11- Journal club (Sarah Banducci)
  • March 18- Speaker: Jessica Hekman
  • April 1- Speaker: Jenny Amos
  • April 8- Speaker: Katy Heath
  • April 29- Workshop



Fall 2015 semester:

  • 10/9: Working on the NASW grant application (Deadline 11/4)
  • 10/16: Journal club, led by Sudharsan Dwaraknath
  • 10/30: Dan Simons, Professor, Psychology: “So you want to write a general-audience science book…”
  • 11/6:  Ian Traniello, Stephen Fleming: “Radical outreach: the role of scientists in putting education before incarceration”
  • 11/13: Journal club, led by Daniel Urban
  • 11/20: M. Alleyne, Research Scientist, Entomology: “Communicating science to policy makers”
  • 12/4: Workshop planning meeting


Previous events:

  • 21st Century Scientist Workshop, April 17th